5 surprising and mouth watering concerts that will take you on a voyage through the classics of music. 

A FIVE SEATED CARRIAGE : Louvre – Versailles

From Louis XIV to Louis XVI, only certain carriages were given the royal privilege of transporting nobles and the bourgeois between the Louvre and Versailles, on errands of business, arts, and honors. Le Concert impromptu brings to life the music of the royal theaters, chambers, chapels, and even dining halls of these two royal palaces, all in the time it would take a carriage to travel from one to the other.                            

  • Jean-Baptiste LULLY, Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs
  • Jean-Philippe RAMEAU, Suite Les Boréales
  • Marin MARAIS, Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de Paris
  • Michel-Richard DE LALANDE, Symphonies pour les soupers du roi
  • François COUPERIN, Concerts royaux n°9 et 14


In Vienna, Beethoven escaped his family’s control and proved to be a virtuoso pianist and genius composer. Embodying creative strength and artistic liberty, Beethoven performed, wrote, gave lessons and drank in Viennese breweries, where he composed many of his best-known works that were later to be performed during the prestigious “Academy” concerts.

  • Ludwig van BEETHOVEN,Quartet d’après le septuor Op.20 en Mi b
  • Ludwig van BEETHOVEN, Quartet Op. 18 n°4
  • Ludwig VAN BEETHOVEN : Symphonie n°8, 2ème mouvement, Hommage à Mäelzel, inventeur du métronome
  • Joseph HAYDN, Quartet Op.20 n°3


What does this canvas represent ? Impression ! Impression ! I was sure of it : I said to myself that since I was impressed, there has got to be Impression in it somewhere. Louis LEROY, art critic – Charivari 1874

• Emmanuel CHABRIER, Suite pastorale
• Maurice RAVEL, Laideronette impératrice des pagodes – Ma mère l’Oye
• Erik SATIE, Gymnopédies
• Claude DEBUSSY, Nocturnes

CHARLES BRIDGE – MARIE BRIDGE, from one bridge to another 

This concert takes us through the streets of Prague and Paris, invites us to cross the Seine and the Moldau with the melodies of Smetana, Debussy, Dvorak, and Mozart. From one bridge to another, from Charles to Marie, Carl-Maria von Weber reminds us that, as director of the Prague Opera, he was a passionate creator of music for wind instruments

  • Bedrich SMETANA, La Moldau
  • Claude Debussy, En bateau, Cortège, Ballet
  • Carl Maria von WEBER, Fantasia op; 34 pour quintette
  • Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, Don Giovanni, La ci darem la mano, Air de Zerline


 A fine epicurean, Rossini was quite the culinary innovator with his foie gras tournedos and his William Tell apple tart. Music is full of flavourful cuisine: some sing a king’s feast, others put eccentric dishes to music, but all praise the refined pleasure of a good meal. A tasty concert to be consumed without moderation.

  • Gioachino ROSSINI, Ouverture de Guillaume Tell
  • Jean-Baptiste LULLY, Thésée, Air de Bacchus
  • Jean-Philippe RAMEAU, ” Avec du vin, endormons-nous “
  • Georges BIZET, Le docteur Miracle, quatuor de l’omelette
  • Hector BERLIOZ, Chasse à la grosse bête
  • Erik SATIE, Trois morceaux en forme de poire
  • Erik SATIE, Valse du chocolat aux amandes

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