A Graphic Novel on Stage

Five characters haunted by The Pink Panther, La Linea and The Shadocks are depicted on stage. Between bubbles, stickers and pages, they move around a mobile stage and create an absurd and scouring grotesque, interacting with Sophie Toussaint, digital scenographer.

Composer Jean-Michel Bossini scores an idiomatic soundtrack, conjugating onomatopoeias, raw noise, vocal and instrumental games, on themes stuck to animation. Musicians toy with the rules for a living art form that’s ahead of its time.

                                Le concert impromptu quintette à cordes organisation de concerts classiques et créatifs sur mesure   


Music production
Jean-Michel Bossini

Artistic direction
Violaine Dufès

Marie-Lise Naud

Staging & artwork
Sophie Toussaint

Lighting & mapping
Philippe Andrieux


All public



55 minutes

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Le Concert Impromptu is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Communication/DRAC Ile-de-France under the set of agreements. With the support of the Regional Council of Val-de-Marne and the city of Ivry-sur-Seine. A recognised organisation of public interest.

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