150 ans de la mort d’Hector Berlioz, créateur de la célébrissime Symphonie fantastique, oeuvre romantique et visionnaire : Le Concert impromptu fête le plus excentrique des génies français, roux et fou d’opéra, comme Vivaldi.


Arcanes des chiffres et jeux de rythmes : nombre d’or, proportions et pulsation dans les chefs d’oeuvres, de Bach à Zappa…

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Did you know that a beautiful classical concert has miraculous effects on the audience?
From the production of soothing endorphins to dopamine, the pleasure hormone, the thousand and one benefits of a live classical performance can be shared by all and without moderation!
Le Concert Impromptu plays standing up and from memory, shaking both body and spirit to release their virtuosity, creativity and share their emotions with the audience!
Everywhere, the five virtuosos of the flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon summon the unexpected in the form of improvisations and quotes, to create a union of poetry and music: a magical moment that enchants the listener.
Discover below our current artistic offering, watch our live videos and dive into our themed playlists.
Let’s come up with your next classical concert together for both your enjoyment and that of your audience.

“”A real treat!”

Radio classique

“Like a zephyr in the heart of summer.”

Air France Magazine

BERLIOZ 1803-1869

Three shows to (re)discover his genius

On the 150th anniversary of the death of Hector Berlioz, creator of the famous Symphonie fantastique, a romantic and visionary work, Le Concert Impromptu celebrates the most eccentric of French geniuses. The show includes 3 concerts aimed at both adults and children, with the help of pianist Bruno Belthoise, soprano Capucine Keller and journalist-bassoonist Antoine Pecqueur.


Music of measure and excess

Arcana of numbers and rhythms: golden mean, ratios and beats in masterpieces from Bach to Zappa.
A performance brought to life, coming to the stage for the first time on Tuesday 30 April 2019 in Paris (Musée des Arts et Métiers).


French Baroque and its reminiscences

“… the clarity of expression, the precise and inspired nature are some of the specific, significant qualities of this French genius …”
Claude Debussy about Jean-Philippe Rameau
The baroque music of Rameau, Marais, Telemann engages with those inspired by Debussy and Ravel in a subtle interplay of influences.


4 shows to spice up your summer

Every year, musicians from Le Concert Impromptu are thrilled to see you on the road to the festivals, in this unique spirit of conviviality, team work and sharing. Holidaymakers, night owls, die-hard music fans, the festival-goer inspires the virtuosos of Le Concert Impromptu’s four original shows, one of which has been specially put together for a younger audience.

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