Frolicsome Flashes – Premiered in October 2018

Violaine Dufès created this miniature for Le Concert impromptu to invoke the sacred dimensions of Music. Discover it for the first time on stage, Saturday, October 6th, 2018 (11:00) at the Conservatoire Edgar Varèse in Mâcon during the Festival Barbacane Classics.


Pop into an unconventional fantasy world for young and old, where five musician characters play on a mobile set, interacting with real-time drawings done by digital designer Sophie Toussaint.

Cross-Opéras©  2019 > 20 > 21

Music is the common denominator of all performing arts!

The heart of the cross-opera® lies in its dramaturgy, made up of masterpieces, from Vivaldi to Ligeti. Composers such as Raphaèle Biston and Bruno Giner create new songs for musicians who employ their bodies, voices and movements with utmost precision. Led by choreographer Marie-Lise Naud and musician-dancer Violaine Dufès, Le Concert Impromptu becomes a poetic and emancipated performer on stage, exploring themes as diverse as the Myth of Pan and the graphic novel, which astonish children and adults alike.

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Feux follets

October 2018 Production by Violaine Dufès
Petite forme plateau nu

The music of FEUX FOLLETS invokes the sacredness of music, from spiritual transcendance to the Blue Note. From medieval to contemporary music, from Italian baroque to improvisation, Le Concert Impromptu stirs us with the union of voices, instrumental sounds and la chanson de gestes. Shadow and light, sound and silence mingle and unravel to symbolise our final human dances.




2019 Production by Yves Charpentier and Bruno Giner

Following Pan de Mallarmé and Debussy, Le Concert Impromptu joins forces with composer Bruno Giner to revisit the myth of the famous demi-god. Against a backdrop that breaks free from the boundaries of the stage, musicians play the fiery music of Bruno Giner, appearing, disappearing, embodying the various characters of the fauna.


2017 Production by Violaine Dufès and Jean-Michel Bossini– YOUNG AUDIENCE

A Graphic Novel on Stage
Five characters haunted by The Pink Panther, La Linea and The Shadocks are depicted on stage. Between bubbles, stickers and pages, they move around a mobile stage and create an absurd and scouring grotesque, interacting with Sophie Toussaint, digital scenographer. Composer Jean-Michel Bossini scores an idiomatic soundtrack, conjugating onomatopoeias, raw noise, vocal and instrumental games, on themes stuck to animation. A living art form that’s ahead of its time.


2015 Production by Violaine Dufès and Jean-Michel Bossini– YOUNG AUDIENCE

A paper bird is born before our eyes and flies away to question his own existence in the world. The young composer Raphaèle Biston creates a virtuoso and rhythmic score inspired by crumpled paper and leitmotivs borrowed from the birdsong – the heroes of the story. The musicians of Le Concert Impromptu accompany the latter in a maelstrom of paper and light.

Cross opéras® représentations

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